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Yandex has disabled links’ impact on ranking

On 12/03/2014, during the “ByNet week” event, Alexander Sadovsky, CEO of Yandex’ search service, announced his decision to disable the link factor of its ranking algorithm for commercial keywords. This was officially posted on Yandex’s blog and on several major news sites.
This change in rating algorithm was intuitively anticipated by SEO specialists for several years, they were hoping, though, that effective ranking without links wouldn’t be possible. But Yandex did manage to find some non-noisy signals that are able to replace excessively noisy factors, such as links, without jeopardizing relevance of the disavows all of the links in several niches links
We should note that all links will be disabled gradually. For now, links have stopped working in certain niches, such as:
  • Real property
  • Tourism
  • Electronics
  • Apparel and accessories
  • Beauty and Health
  • Legal services
  • Web-development and SEO
In the future, this update will affect other niches as well, but how soon will it happen is yet unknown.
These changes will only affect the Moscow region of Yandex. In other areas, links will continue working for now.
Also, for information keywords, links will still be accounted for, though they won’t be the most valuable rating factor.
Yandex, commenting on its actions, states that this change will only do good for both customers and internet-businesses.
It is worth noting, that under Google’s influence in the last couple of years (mostly in Ukraine), many SEO-companies have already requalified and now pay more attention to usability, correct structure of site, quality of its content and subsequently other matters, that help improve users’ and search engines’ trust.
It seems, that Yandex knows what it is doing and is headed in the right direction. Don’t you agree?
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