Russian SEO FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Russian SEO and SEM

Q: Do I need to know Russian to do Russian SEO for my projects?
A: You certainly do need to know it. If you do not know anything in Russian, it is better to hire some Russian speaking SEO specialist. There is a lot of pretty good professionals, some of them speak good English, so they can do this job.
But if you are SEO professional yourself and do know Russian (as a second language) you’ll probably succeed – and our blog is actually the right way to find tips and tricks.

Q: We’re just thinking about creating Russian version for our site, what should we take into account to make it SEO effective?
A: Your idea about making Russian site version is really good. In fact Runet is the fastest growing sector in world Internet.

Everything  you know about SEO (English-speaking) is applied to Russian SEO. When you’re done with it, a good idea will be to do Russian SEO audit by some other specialist, then go on with link building. You can find good specialist to do translation and localization as well as Russian SEO in many of freelancer sites. If you need, we can do some help with it too.

Q: Do paid links work for Russian SEO?
A: Yep. They actually work. A huge “crapsite building industry” is working and selling links through a lot of link broker sites. Yandex is fighting it pretty hard – and starting to succeed there: paid links are becoming less influencing. In Google they work better. Probably search engines will slow down their influence shortly. But there are different types of paid links: what I’ve said there is about leased automatic links.
Articles, timeless links, etc. work much better and will be around longer.

Q: Do directory submitting work for Russian SEO?
A: Almost not. Just like for International SEO, in Russian SEO search engines almost do not take these links into account. Same goes for social bookmarks.
Directory submitting can work just for organic traffic and as the starting point for a new site to let search engine know about this site and start indexing them (although you can submit new sites through or google webmaster)

Q: I’ve heard that Yandex is the biggest search engine in Russia. But what exactly are the shares?
A: Runet current search engine share is Yandex 53%, Google 33%. (seach powered by Yandex) 6%. The rest is too small. Share graph for Runet as a whole for last 6 month is:

Runet search engine shares

Runet search engine shares

This is correct to Runet as a whole. In different sectors it could be a different share. For example in “IT & computers” it is Google 48% and Yandex 43%. In Ukraine (which is acctually a pretty big market too) the situation is different: Google is in the lead with 67% and Yandex is 27%.

You’re welcome to send us your questions. We’ll cover them in this FAQ.

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